Rite of Passage

Most cultures have a rite of passage celebration or ritual that youth must go through before making the transition into adult life in the society, and when the youth does not have an appropriate rite of passage that is overseen by a responsible adult they go in search for their own, often to disastrous consequences.

Prophets and Polygamy

Polygamy is one of the hot button topics in the LDS Church and is often misrepresented, both by those inside and outside the Church. Because plural marriage was not legal in America the practice led to all sorts of problems with the Church and eventually led to the death of the Church’s first prophet.


I am not sure why, but as Christians we often feel that we have to pretend that everything is absolutely perfect with our lives and will not admit when we need help, but church is not a place for perfect people but rather a place for hurting and broken people to heal.

The Single’s Ward

This episode is a about some of my experiences when I was in a singles ward and a little about the movie The Singles Ward. The basic idea behind a singles ward is to get young LDS people married off as quickly as possible and to keep them out of trouble until they do get married.

Honor Your Elders

There is so much to be gained by having a friendships with people who are significantly older or younger than you are, and we owe respect to those who are older than us, especially those who we are related to and those who served in the military.

Feel Good Christianity

There is an alarming trend today that reduces the Almighty God to simply a friend who wants us to be happy with ourselves. God Created us for his glory, not ours, and Jesus died on the cross to save us from the penalty of sin, not to make us feel better about ourselves.

I Have This Hope

When I was without faith I was also without hope because I felt that life was unkind and unfair, which it is, and I thought that there was no intrinsic purpose to life and therefore life was utterly meaningless. As a result I felt that all suffering was also meaningless. After coming to Christ I have a better outlook on life, I am happier, and I have a hope for this life and for the eternity.

Well, That Escalated Quickly

No one starts of with a big sin or with a huge crime, but they are led to it through a series of increasing concessions. Most people, if confronted with a huge sin would balk, but when led gradually to it will eventually commit the sin they were initially repulsed by. Sin does not want to remain small.

More than I deserve

If all God ever did for me was to die on the cross so I could be forgiven my sins and be given a place in heaven, it would be far more than I deserve, but he didn't stop there and I have been greatly blessed.

Prophet of Convenience: Apologizing for past prophets

With the internet it is easy to find things people have said, which causes some embarrasment for the LDS Church when people see some of the things Brigham Young said, and they try to say that he was speaking his own opinion and not that of the Church, but official LDS Doctrine does not allow that as the D&C says that no prophet will ever be allowed to lead the Church astray.

Genocide in America

The Born-Alive bill that would have protected children who survive an abortion failed to pass in the Senate and this episode discusses the reasons why it failed and what it means for Christians.

The Great Divorce

In this episode I discuss the classic book on heaven and hell by C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce. In the story the narrator wakes up in hell and takes a buss to the edge of heaven where him and the other passengers have a chance to give up hell and all that sent them there in order to enter heaven. I will be discussing some of the reasons people decided they would rather return to hell than give up what they were being asked to part with.

It is Well With My Soul

"It is Well With My Soul" is one of the best known hymns, and this episode deals with the personal tragedies that caused Horatio Spafford to write the now famous words. Spafford had great faith in God to be able to say "it is well with my soul" after suffering such great loss.