The mission and goal of Recovering Faith podcast

My journey from Mormonism and atheism to Christ, why I lost my faith and why I eventually turned my life over to God.

About Me and the Mission of Recovering Faith Ministry

I was raised in an extremely religious home by a good mother and a less than adequate father who was also an ordained minister, but he didn’t practice what he preached. My father’s poor example caused me to struggle with faith for many years and he is part of the reason I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (AKA, the Mormons. My father is also a lot of the reason I later completely lost faith and identified as an atheist for a few years before coming to Christianity.

My father was mostly out of the picture and out of my life by the time I was a teen, and I attempted to distance myself from him and everything about him. I joined the Mormon Church when I was in my late teens, partially because I knew my father was so dead set against it, and partially because the Mormons were so nice to me and I felt truly accepted for the first time in my life, oh, and there was this girl. When investigating the church I was convinced that they were a Christian church, and the church tries hard to appear that way, but the truth is they are anything but Christian, despite their official name.

When I first joined the LDS Church I ate what they were feeding me hook line and sinker and even served a two year mission for the church, at my expense. I served in the Hawaii Honolulu Mission, and no, it was not a vacation and I never even got to step on a beach. It was when I went to the temple for the first time, in preparation for my mission, that I started having doubts about the Church and learned it was not all sunshine and daffodils behind the granite walls. Serving a mission caused even more doubts, but after I came home I did all I could to grow my faith and prove to myself that the church was true, but I did the exact opposite. For a while after my mission, in an attempt to squash my doubts, I learned all I could about the church and became somewhat of a Mormon apologist, but eventually I followed the evidence where it led and realized the church was a sham started by a con artist.

Because the LDS Church teaches that they are the only church that is true or has any possibility of being true, and because of the abuse I suffered as a child at the hands of religious people, I completely lost my faith. I wanted to believe in God but could not quite manage it, and for a few years I was outspoken against everything religious.

God is a good and merciful God who loves all of his children and longs for us to have a relationship with him and he sought me out in my time of distress and helped me to return to him. I lost faith in God shortly after I left the LDS Church and it was three full years before I allowed God to save me and became a born-again Christian. Because God had done so much for me and did not give up on me when I deserved it, I knew that everyone has a chance and that God loves all people and allowed his son to die so that they could be saved.

I knew that I needed to share the good news with others and help people who are struggling with faith and that I needed to help other Mormons to come to Christ. I felt called to this ministry for a long time but I was scared to put myself out there and to dedicate all of the time and resources to this cause that I knew it would require, but in March of 2018 I started the Recovering Faith podcast and blog and have been all in every since.

Recovering Faith centers on helping those who are struggling with faith and doubts God as a result of loss, abuse, hardship or whatever the case may be. One of the prime directives of Recovering Faith is to reach out in a loving way and help those who are trapped in the Mormon Church and help them to find freedom and salvation.