Interview with Lee and Kathy Baker

Lee and Kathy Baker are former members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day-Saints (Mormon Church) and are the hosts of the Mainstream Mormonism radio program an are part of the 4Witness Ministry.

Lee was a faithful member of the LDS Church for 32 years, and was even a bishop, before he was excommunicated for asking questions about the Church and Kathy resigned from the Church when Lee was excommunicated.

What Does It Mean to Take Up Our Cross?

As Christians we often say we take up our cross and follow Jesus, but are we still willing to take up our cross when it is identified to be something painful or something we are asked to give up that we are not sure we can part with?

The Parable of the Groundhog.

We often ignore the obvious warning signs of danger and do things that we know are not good, and as a natural result, we pay the price. I recently had some groundhogs in my yard that I gave every opportunity to leave and left no doubt that they were not welcome and were in danger if they stayed, and that story gives a good illustration of the positions we put ourselves into.

I am sorry but... (When apology is not an apology)

Sometimes we apologize with a self-serving or empty aplogy, and sometimes our apologies blame the one we wronged instead of conveying our sorrow at having hurt them by our poor actions. Through the examples of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Saul and David we are shown some Biblical examples of poor apologies and of some good ones as well.

Mormonism is not Christianity pt. 5: The church Jesus founded did not fall away

The entire structure of the LDS Church depends on their claim that the Church that Jesus founded when he was alive fell into complete apostasy after the death of the apostles and that it had to be restored by Joseph Smith. The problem with that claim is that Jesus said the gates of hell would never prevail against his church, so that means that it did not fall away. Another problem is that the LDS Church claims to be a restoration of the original church that Jesus Christ founded, yet it looks nothing like what the Bible teaches of Jesus’ church.