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Prophet of Convenience: Apologizing for past prophets

With the internet it is easy to find things people have said, which causes some embarrasment for the LDS Church when people see some of the things Brigham Young said, and they try to say that he was speaking his own opinion and not that of the Church, but official LDS Doctrine does not allow that as the D&C says that no prophet will ever be allowed to lead the Church astray.

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Interview with Lee and Kathy Baker

Lee and Kathy Baker are former members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day-Saints (Mormon Church) and are the hosts of the Mainstream Mormonism radio program an are part of the 4Witness Ministry.

Lee was a faithful member of the LDS Church for 32 years, and was even a bishop, before he was excommunicated for asking questions about the Church and Kathy resigned from the Church when Lee was excommunicated.

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Mormonism is not Christianity pt. 5: The church Jesus founded did not fall away

The entire structure of the LDS Church depends on their claim that the Church that Jesus founded when he was alive fell into complete apostasy after the death of the apostles and that it had to be restored by Joseph Smith. The problem with that claim is that Jesus said the gates of hell would never prevail against his church, so that means that it did not fall away. Another problem is that the LDS Church claims to be a restoration of the original church that Jesus Christ founded, yet it looks nothing like what the Bible teaches of Jesus’ church.

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Mormonism is Not Christianity pt3: The Church is right, even when it is wrong.

The LDS or Mormon Church carefully controls what members of the Church learn about the Church and tells them that getting a good feeling or burning in the bosom is more important than any evidence. Members are also encouraged to ignore any history of the Church that does not faith promoting. For many, many reasons, the LDS Church is NOT a Christian organization.

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Mormonism is not Christianity

With the name of Christ put so prominently in the name of the church, many people, including those in the church, mistakenly think The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a Christian church, but the god they serve is night and day different from the God of the Bible and they teach that salvation is earned by works and not given by grace.

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