I am sorry but... (When apology is not an apology)

Sometimes we apologize with a self-serving or empty aplogy, and sometimes our apologies blame the one we wronged instead of conveying our sorrow at having hurt them by our poor actions. Through the examples of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Saul and David we are shown some Biblical examples of poor apologies and of some good ones as well.

Mormonism is not Christianity pt. 5: The church Jesus founded did not fall away

The entire structure of the LDS Church depends on their claim that the Church that Jesus founded when he was alive fell into complete apostasy after the death of the apostles and that it had to be restored by Joseph Smith. The problem with that claim is that Jesus said the gates of hell would never prevail against his church, so that means that it did not fall away. Another problem is that the LDS Church claims to be a restoration of the original church that Jesus Christ founded, yet it looks nothing like what the Bible teaches of Jesus’ church.

Mormonism is not Christianity pt4: Jesus and the devil are not brothers.

The LDS Church (Mormons) teach that Jesus and the devil are literal brothers, and that all humans are also the literal siblings of Jesus, born through spiritual intercourse by a heavenly father in a natural mother, born just as our bodies were born on earth through parents through natural means. Mormons don’t believe God can create matter, that he used to be a man, and that he is the same species as the devil and sinful humans, just better. This is not Christianity. True Christianity is that Jesus is God and was always God and was not created, nor are humans the same as God and never will be. God is good and we are not.

What is Grace and Why do we need it?

Humans, by their very nature are sinful creatures and we are so far removed from God that we can never do anything to make up for our failures and be saved, but Jesus died for all that they may be saved if they have faith in Him and accept his grace and mercy.

We are saved by grace alone through faith alone and trying to earn our salvation is like trying to drain the ocean with a sponge, but luckily our salvation is not based on our merits but on Christ’s.

You Are the Only Bible Some People Will Ever Read

A while back I saw a church sign that said, “You are the only Bible some people will ever read,” and I thought about the implications of that statement and wondered how well or how poorly I am representing Christianity to those around me. A lot of people judge Christianity on the merits of Christians instead of the merits of Christ, and let's face it, it us usually out poor actions that Christianity is being judged by and not our good actions.

Mormonism is Not Christianity pt3: The Church is right, even when it is wrong.

The LDS or Mormon Church carefully controls what members of the Church learn about the Church and tells them that getting a good feeling or burning in the bosom is more important than any evidence. Members are also encouraged to ignore any history of the Church that does not faith promoting. For many, many reasons, the LDS Church is NOT a Christian organization.

The Next Thing

People are never satisfied with what they have while they have it and they often look at other people as a means to an end, someone to make them happy etc. People also look to Jesus as the means to an end and not the end in and of itself.

Damaged Goods

We, often look at other people, and sometimes ourselves, as damaged goods; something no worth accepting or spending any time or effort of, a lot cause. However, that is not how God looks at us and He loves us and views us as precious.

Mormonism is not Christianity

With the name of Christ put so prominently in the name of the church, many people, including those in the church, mistakenly think The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a Christian church, but the god they serve is night and day different from the God of the Bible and they teach that salvation is earned by works and not given by grace.

Absolute Truth VS. Realative Truth.

There has always been people who argue that there are no absolute truths, especially no absolute moral truths, and the number of people who argue against absolute moral truths is increasing at a rapid rate. There are definite absolute truths, and there are also absolute moral truths. There are some instances, such as whether or not a specific food tastes good, where two people may have different truths, but there are also areas where there are absolute truths and those truths are the same for everyone, no exceptions.

Why I Joined (and left) the LDS Church, AKA Mormon

A brief overview of why I joined, and ultimately left, the LDS Church before I get into more in depth topics concerning the Church such as why they are not truly Christian, despite their name, as well as diving into some of the issues with their history and doctrines.

LDS people are some of the nicest people you will ever get the privlige to know and them going out of their way to be nice to me was one of the reasons I joined the Church in the first place. The LDS Church is a missionary church and focus a great deal of their time and effort on gaining new converts to their faith.

LDS people think they are Christian, despite many of their views and doctrines being in opposition to the Bible and traditional Christianity; they believe that traditional Christianity is wrong and their version is the only one that is correct and the only one that even has a chance of being correct.

Happy Little Family: The importance of regular church attendance

A lot of people seriously downplay the importance of regular church attendance and say they get just as much out of worshiping at home. The problem is that, almost without exception, when people say they worship at home what they really mean is they do the same things they do on Saturday and don't bother themselves much with the Lord or His word. God has said that it is not good for man to be alone and He wants us to gather and glorify His name together.

I Will Show Him How Much He Must Suffer For My Name

Saul was a man of influence and power, a man greatly respected by both the Jewish people and Jewish leadership. On the road to Damascus to persecute the Christians Saul's world was turned upside down when the risen Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him. Saul spent the rest of his life in poverty, despised, harassed, stoned, whipped, hungry, and suffered all manner of afflictions and hardship so that he could spread the glorious message of Jesus Christ.

Why I don't trust God, part 6: I foolishly think I know better than He does.

Sometimes, even when we don’t realize we are doing it, we think we are smarter than God and get upset when He doesn’t follow our plan, which we think is superior, instead of His. There are also many people in society today who think that God’s rules are not relevant and that proudly proclaim they are smarter than God and urge everyone to throw out his word and rules and follow the new societal norms. However, God is as relevant and needed as ever, more so in fact, and each and every one of us needs Jesus and His saving grace.