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Prophets and Polygamy

Polygamy is one of the hot button topics in the LDS Church and is often misrepresented, both by those inside and outside the Church. Because plural marriage was not legal in America the practice led to all sorts of problems with the Church and eventually led to the death of the Church’s first prophet.

The Single’s Ward

This episode is a about some of my experiences when I was in a singles ward and a little about the movie The Singles Ward. The basic idea behind a singles ward is to get young LDS people married off as quickly as possible and to keep them out of trouble until they do get married.

Prophet of Convenience: Apologizing for past prophets

With the internet it is easy to find things people have said, which causes some embarrasment for the LDS Church when people see some of the things Brigham Young said, and they try to say that he was speaking his own opinion and not that of the Church, but official LDS Doctrine does not allow that as the D&C says that no prophet will ever be allowed to lead the Church astray.