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Why I don't trust God, part 3: I have failed so many times.

I am sure I am not alone in this, but sometimes I think because I have failed so many times in the past that God won’t give me any more chances and there is little reason to even ask for help. At a job you can only fail at so many projects before you have effectively killed your chances of ever getting that promotion, and likely even jeopardized your chances of retaining your current position. Even the most patient people will give up on you eventually if you keep messing up every time they give you another chance.

Why I don't trust God part 1: Christians let me down.

I don't know, exactly, what brought me to this conclusion, or precisely when it happened, but I have come to realize that while I believe in God, I don't always believe God; there is a huge difference between the two. Until rather recently, I was quite convinced that I trust God, but when I looked back on my actions and decisions I was forced to see the truth, the truth that I don't trust God and my actions proved it