God's Little Treasures with special guest Desiree Moore

God's Little Treasures with special guest Desiree Moore

Desiree Moore (Photo courtesy of God’s Little Treasure)

Desiree Moore (Photo courtesy of God’s Little Treasure)

This week’s guest is Desiree, the host of the God’s Little Treasure’s blog. Desiree was an absolute joy and inspiration to talk to and I think you will enjoy the conversation as much as I did. Below I copied the about section of Desiree’s blog so you can learn a little about her, and if you would like to check out her blog you can find it here: God’s Little Treasures

Hey, Treasures I’m Desiree,

Whats your name?

 My name is Desiree each day I hope to be a greater vessel for God and to have a deeper relationship than I DID yesterday.  This is my prayer/ purpose for this  blog:

I pray this blog presses me like a juice presser sharing everything God shares with me. I declare blog:

I pray this blog presses me like a juice presser sharing everything God shares with me. I declare this blog will be holy spirit led and prophetic. Sharing a word that only God knows people are in need of. I declare this blog travels to the hardest places to reach in the world. I declare pray about everything you have read for revelation and clarification because I’m human and I will make mistakes and perceive things the wrong way sometimes. I declare GLT blog commands each person reading to go deeper in God and to have a lifestyle of encounters and a FACE to FACE relationship with God. I declare deliverance, transformation and whatever else God plans to be done through this blog.  I also declare God gets all of the glory and the honor that is due. I declare this blog will have FAVOR written all over it in the NAME OF JESUS AMEN.

Disclaimer: Before you read my about me section please know I’m human I say the wrong things sometimes do the wrong things. In my photos I have makeup. I don’t wake up all glam.  What I’m saying is I’M NO WAY PERFECT only in the image of God.  I feel a lot of times we compare ourselves to one picture of a person or a few words on a bio.  Don’t do that here. We are all God’s Treasures.

A little about me: 

I was totally a mess when Jesus found me back in 2015 he picked up a rejected girl with a lack of identity filled with rage and wounds. Jesus showed me I was his little treasure. That’s where the name God’s Little Treasures stemmed from. (Deuteronomy 7:6)  God nurtured me with love and restored everything I was lacking. As I get to know  Jesus more and more I just want to share.   Please note reading my blog doesn’t count as personal time with God. Get in the word for yourself. NLT) Just keeping it rea

Please Bare with me I know my grammar isn’t great I’m working on it improving it.

Random things: 29 Years young, Adopted, Foster Care Alumni, Small town girl who lives in a big city New York, Giver,  on time with planner in my hand kind of girl:)  bit of a homebody, love brainstorming, and excellent customer service

Areas I can  improve on: Told you I wasn’t perfect: Attitude, calling people back, cooking, eating healthier, trusting people,  wanting everything perfect

Food Favorites:  string cheese, apples and crunchy peanut butter, Chipotle, Burgers  french fries, steak, love trying new foods, love smoothies, soaked oats, Salt and Vinegar chips

Fun Facts: Out of the 50 states of the USA I have been to 22. Love trips to the library, long train rides with a good book and journal, love stationery shopping, still mail letters, I can walk on my hands and do a front flip, Hate Flies, I love writing, drinking tea, love thrift shopping, love photography Professional background: Over 8 years of children’ s Advocacy, Youth Advocate Supervisor, Majoring in Social work, Honored in 2013 by the White House as a Champion of Change, Honored 2010 as NYS  Mental Health Youth Advocate of the year.

God’s Little Treasures Focus on: 

  • Sharing my testimony of  God’s redemption, salvation, and love

  • reaching people who feel forgotten and left out

  • Adoption: Adoptees, Foster Care System,Encouragementouragment Birthmothers

  • Helping churches become foster care sensitive and having the tools needed to equip orphans to become powerful daughters and sons of God

My church home: I’m a King Jesus Ministry Girl ( King  Jesus Ministry saved my life and it keeps equipping me more and more. If you want to be healed, delivered, transformed start by hitting the link King Jesus Ministry.


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