The mission and goal of Recovering Faith podcast



I originally created this site to share my photography and scrap metal art with the world and later decided it would also be home to my blog and podcast. I mostly do landscape, wildlife and night photography, but I also do an occasional portrait shoot or wedding and I have recently gotten into street portraits, which can be a bit scary and intimidating at times, but always rewarding. I have been interested in photography since the first time I saw a camera. 

I have always been interested in making art, but it has only been in the last few years that I have started making metal art. One day I saw a piece I liked and said, "Hey, I can do that" and have been doing it every since. 

The main focus of this site now is my blog and podcast, and while I can't claim to offer any new groundbreaking information on Christianity or religion that hasn't been discussed in the past few thousand years, I can offer a unique, and sometimes humorous, perspective on life and faith, having run the gambit of religion, becoming Mormon and then atheist, before being born again.

My blog and podcast will focus on faith in God, especially when it doesn't make sense, and other relevant Christian topics, including a non-judgmental look at pseudo-Christian sects and why it matters what you believe about Jesus. 

A bit about me, I live in SW Missouri, which is where I am originally from, though I have also lived in Idaho, California, Iowa, Arizona and Nebraska. I studied journalism, English and biology at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, GO BIG RED! I used to drive a tour bus, and by the time I turned 36 I had driven a bus for a third of my life. Looking for a change, I moved back to Missouri in 2016  and took a job as a webmaster. 

I was raised in a religious home, my father was an ordained minister but not a good man, so in my teens I sought to be different from him and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (AKA. the Mormons) and remained in the church for 10+ years. Thinking study would increase my faith in the LDS Church, I studied the history and doctrine like it was my full-time job, and as a result, I left the church. After loosing my faith in the church, but before officially leaving it, I completely lost my faith and identified as an atheist for a few years before becoming born again.  

In some way shape or form, I have been obsessed with religion my entire life and thought it only natural to blog and podcast on the subject. I like to say, "There have been times in my life when I was convinced God didn't exist and times when I was certain He does, but there has never been a time in my life when I didn't care either way."